About Aiden

The Story Behind Aiden

A letter from the founder.

We’ve been developing the Blend Pen for years, but it was inspired by a personal experience that dates back even further.

Twenty-six years ago, a family member was misdiagnosed as bipolar. Like so many, they continue to struggle with mental health. And they are not alone. Millions of people suffering from anxiety, depression and stress. 

You and I know cannabis can help. But there’s a big problem which stems from the fact that cannabis affects everyone differently

Our solution was built on the simple insight that if you want to better control your experience with cannabis, you need to control what is being consumed. The Blend Pen™ is the first device designed to better control your experience with cannabis.

At Aiden™, we believe we all want to avoid living a mundane life and find ways to enhance how we show up in the real world. More laughter and dancing, less seriousness. More adventures with friends and less rules. The Blend Pen™ empowers our community to explore different states of well-being, while remaining in control. 

Our vision is to demystify cannabis so that it can be used as a tool to enhance one’s state of well-being. We know that when you customize your formulas, you personalize your experience

By understanding what blend of cannabinoids does what for an individual’s experience, we can help people use cannabinoids as a tool to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Taigh Gawdiak-Smyth
How to use the Blend Pen

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden

Aug 31, 2023
Got plans for Labor Day weekend?

If you're in the NJ area, you can catch us over at @cann.newjersey_ this weekend for a lil Blend Pen launch party! 🎉

Check @inspiredbyaiden & @cann.newjersey_ profile and stories for details! 🤙
Aug 30, 2023
Discover your Perfect Poolside Blend — mix any two standard 510 cartridges and dial in your preferred settings. With the Blend Pen, you're in control.
Aug 29, 2023
Sunset on summer, but our vibe is high and in control thanks to the Blend Pen! 🙌