Documents & Policies

Product Waranty

180 day warranty on devices

  • If a device stops working under normal use within 180 days, a customer can submit a claim for a replacement
  • If it is deemed that the device was misused, no refund will be given
  • If the device arrives damaged we will replace it for free
  • Any damages or accidental drops on items are only meant to cover the electronic functionality and integrity of the device. If the Unit’s metal casing is broken and/or the internal circuitry is damaged, it is not covered by Aiden’s warranty.

Before you submit a warranty claim please prepare the below materials:

  • A picture of receipt or proof of purchase
  • A video or picture to show product issue

If the carts leak, the warranty is void

  • Aiden reserves the right to refuse a replacement in the case of a leaky cartridge
  • Aiden might offer a replacement in rare cases, or a discount to purchase a replacement, however neither of these are guaranteed. 

Aiden warranties only apply to devices purchased at any authorized retailer serviced by an authorized Aiden distributor. For questions regarding authorized retailers, please contact us. Warranty applies to original end-user purchaser only and is non-transferable. Warranty does not apply should you purchase through a 3rd party reseller such as eBay and Craigslist.

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden

Aug 31, 2023
Got plans for Labor Day weekend?

If you're in the NJ area, you can catch us over at @cann.newjersey_ this weekend for a lil Blend Pen launch party! 🎉

Check @inspiredbyaiden & @cann.newjersey_ profile and stories for details! 🤙
Aug 30, 2023
Discover your Perfect Poolside Blend — mix any two standard 510 cartridges and dial in your preferred settings. With the Blend Pen, you're in control.
Aug 29, 2023
Sunset on summer, but our vibe is high and in control thanks to the Blend Pen! 🙌