Introducing the Blend Pen by Aiden

Mix any two cartridges & discover the perfect blend.

Introducing the Blend Pen™ by Aiden™

The First Dual Cartridge Device with Blend Control

The right blend
for any moment.

The right blend
for any moment.

for any

Mix any two cartridges and discover the perfect blend.
Load an indica + sativa to blend your own hybrid, or toggle between a CBD and Terpene cart, the control is now in your hand. Activate both cartridges together or one at a time.
Compatible with standard 510 cartridges (1.0ml & 0.5ml).

Control Your High.

Customize your formulas, personalize your experience.
The Blend Pen™ by Aiden™ is the first device designed to better control your vaping experience. Choose between adding a flavor cartridge to distillates, or toggling between a CBD and THC cartridge, the blending control is in your hands.

Designed to fit industry-standard 510 cartridges. Compatible with most 1.0ml, 0.5ml, and 0.3ml cartridge sizes.

Activate both cartridges and blend them together, or turn off either cartridge and hit them one at a time. You'll notice a range of experiences when adjusting the power settings helping you dial in on what's right for you. The 4 settings include: High (3.5V), Medium (3.2V), Low (2.8V) or off.

The Blend Pen™ sits in stand-by mode and is ready for your next dose. When drawing, there's no need to push any extra buttons.

Time your dose with one-second interval haptic vibrations. Every second you'll feel a pulse to help you measure and time your dose.

Get clogged cartridges flowing again with the preheat setting. Hold down either and you'll activate the preheat setting. Pro tip - you can take the mouthpiece off and draw directly on the clogged cartridge while activating the preheat setting.

Keep your device safe and secure from unintended use with our child lock feature. Simply hold down both buttons for 5 seconds.

Quickly charge your device with our fast-charging universal USB-C power adapter.

Never be surprised by running out of power again! The Blend Pen is designed to warn you when the battery is running low with vibrations and flashing lights. Check the battery life by double clicking either button.

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden

Aug 31, 2023
Got plans for Labor Day weekend?

If you're in the NJ area, you can catch us over at @cann.newjersey_ this weekend for a lil Blend Pen launch party! 🎉

Check @inspiredbyaiden & @cann.newjersey_ profile and stories for details! 🤙
Aug 30, 2023
Discover your Perfect Poolside Blend — mix any two standard 510 cartridges and dial in your preferred settings. With the Blend Pen, you're in control.
Aug 29, 2023
Sunset on summer, but our vibe is high and in control thanks to the Blend Pen! 🙌