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Aiden Instructional Videos

Learn how to control your high by mastering the Blend Pen™ with these tutorial videos. If you're experiencing issues with your device, please review our FAQ, or reach out with any additional questions.

How to use the Blend Pen

Charging the Device

Ideally, fully charge the devices before first use (we understand you many want to dive right in!). Use the USB-C cable provided. The lights will flash while charging, and turn solid GREEN when fully charged.

Loading the Device

Remove the mouthpiece of Blend Pen™ and screw on one or two cartridges until you feel a vibration. Do NOT over tighten the cartridge. Place the mouthpiece back on the Blend Pen™ with the window facing the same side of the buttons.

Cartridge Settings

Set each cartridge to the desired level by clicking the button directly below the corresponding cartridge.

  • 3 Lights - High temperature (3.5v)
  • 2 Lights - Medium temperature (3.2v)
  • 1 Light - Low temperature (2.9v)
  • Zero Lights - Off

Vaping the Device

ACTIVATION: The device is 'inhale activated'. This means there are no buttons to push, simply place your lips on the device from the mouthpiece (top of the window), and inhale.

HAPTIC FEEDBACK: When you first draw on the device, you will feel a short vibration to indicate the device has been activated, and then a vibration for every second after. This is designed to help you find your perfect dose.

RECOMMENDED USE: We recommend starting with a 1 or 2 second draw. Please allow time for your body to adjust and feel any effects of what's being consumed.

BATTERY CAPACITY: Long lasting battery with 400 mAh capacity. Remember to double click either button to check on the battery life.

BLEND CONTROL: Adjust each cartridge setting and find your perfect blend for different experiences. Keep track of the number of vibrations you feel.

Child Safety Lock

To lock the Blend Pen™ hold down both buttons for 5 seconds. To unlock, hold both buttons again for 5 seconds.

Preheating Clogged Carts

Clogged cartridge? Try preheating your cartridge. To do so, hold the corresponding button for more than 2 seconds. Continue holding and the flashing red lights indicates the cartridge is being activated - which may help with the clogged cart. Pro tip - You may want to try to remove the mouthpiece of the Blend Pen™ and draw directly on the cartridge that is clogged.

Battery Life Indicator

To check the battery life, double click either button.

  • Green > 100-50%,
  • Yellow - 50%-25%
  • Red - Less than 25%

The device will show a red light and vibrate after each pull when the battery has less than 10% battery remaining.

Cartridge Too Long?

Having troubles closing the mouthpiece due to your cartridge being (just a bit) too long? Try to remove the rubber seal inside the mouthpiece. You might need a pair of tweezers!

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden

Aug 31, 2023
Got plans for Labor Day weekend?

If you're in the NJ area, you can catch us over at @cann.newjersey_ this weekend for a lil Blend Pen launch party! 🎉

Check @inspiredbyaiden & @cann.newjersey_ profile and stories for details! 🤙
Aug 30, 2023
Discover your Perfect Poolside Blend — mix any two standard 510 cartridges and dial in your preferred settings. With the Blend Pen, you're in control.
Aug 29, 2023
Sunset on summer, but our vibe is high and in control thanks to the Blend Pen! 🙌