This is likely because the device is in child lock. To unlock the device, hold down both buttons for 5 seconds (which feels like a long time!). You’ll feel the device vibrate and turn on. The Blend Pen™ will be full functional when cartridges are loaded.

Yes! Simply press the power setting button on the side you don’t want to activate, until there are no white lights.

  • If your mouthpiece is dirty, remove the mouthpiece and put it under running water. If you find that there is pocket lint stuck in the hole in the tip of the mouthpiece, clean this by placing your mouth on the bottom of the mouthpiece (the side that usually is place over the cartridges onto the base of the device), and blow air (and water) through the mouthpiece to force any gross lint out.
  • You can easily wipe the exterior of the device with an alcohol wipe (or alcohol on a paper towel). Use iso or ethyl alcohol, about 75%
  • If the inner mouthpiece seal is clogged and dirty, you can push it out through the outside of the mouthpiece and soak it in alcohol. Remove the silicone seal with tweezers or you can leave it out.
  • Use a Q-Tip with iso alcohol on the inside where the cart screws into the device. Sometimes this area gets oil on it and that will make it sticky, so it’s good practice to clean that before putting a new cart in the device

This depends on many factors, namely, temperatures used and how often you use the device:

  1. If you are running full power on both carts all the time, your battery will drain more quickly.
  2. If you use the preheat often, this will reduce the battery power.
  3. If you keep the device at the lowest level of power it will last for quite a while.

Of course, the exact amount of time will depend on usage. For many light users, you'll find the battery can last a few weeks. For heavy users, your battery will last a full day and often times longer. Double click either button to see how much power is left in your Blend Pen™!

1. If the diameter of the cartridge is too big, it won't fit (the BlendPen fits about 90% off all cart’s diameter though, so you should have no problem finding another one).

2. If the cart is too long and the mouthpiece won’t close all the way:

  • Remove the silicone piece inside the tip of the mouthpiece (see instructional video for how to do this)
  • The Blend Pen™ fits about 80% of the carts on the market when it comes to length. Avoid carts with “duck bill” tips as they tend to be extra long.
  • Try finding a shorter cartridge (95%+ of 0.5ml carts fit!)

Yes, even if the cart is short and not touching the end of the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece seals so that you can still use it with various sizes of carts.

Yes, as long as the cartridge is less than 60mm in length, and 11.2mm in diameter (which most cartridges are), the cartridge should fit. There are some different cartridges out there that may not be compatible with the Blend Pen™.

  • We added a haptic feedback (a vibration) that tells you when the cart is fully installed.
  • Once you feel the vibration you can tighten it SLIGHTLY past that point, but DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. If you over tighten it might be difficult to unscrew the cart after the device has been used.

This depends on a few factors:

1. Personal Preference

  • Cannabinoids activate at different temperatures. High temps may get you 'higher', though it's known that many minor cannabinoids are degraded at high temps.
  • High temps can make the oils feel more 'scratchy' in the throat and could make you cough.
  • We recommend starting at the low temperature setting and increase as needed.
  • Lower temps will preserver the terpenes and allow you to taste the oils better.

2. Conserving Oil

  • If you use lower temps this could conserve oil making your carts last longer.

3. Cart Specific

  • When you purchase a cart from a store, you can ask the budtender what the ideal temperature is for that cart.
  • If they don’t know, you’ll want to do some testing.

4. Multiple Temps

  • With our Blend Pen™ you can use different temps on each cart.
  • If you’re using a flavor cart with a THC cart, you might want to use a lower temp on the flavor with a middle temp on the THC/CBD cart.

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden •

Share your blend @inspiredbyaiden

Aug 31, 2023
Got plans for Labor Day weekend?

If you're in the NJ area, you can catch us over at @cann.newjersey_ this weekend for a lil Blend Pen launch party! 🎉

Check @inspiredbyaiden & @cann.newjersey_ profile and stories for details! 🤙
Aug 30, 2023
Discover your Perfect Poolside Blend — mix any two standard 510 cartridges and dial in your preferred settings. With the Blend Pen, you're in control.
Aug 29, 2023
Sunset on summer, but our vibe is high and in control thanks to the Blend Pen! 🙌